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About Iowa Prep

The Iowa Prep Way

Iowa Prep Guiding Principles:

  • Equip athletes to lead.
  • Strengthen integrity, passion, humility, tenacity and fortitude.
  • Enhance offensive and defensive basketball skills essential for success at the next level.
  • Foster a “process over outcome” mentality.
  • Compete without a fear of failure.
  • Stress the power of small where smallest details empower finite success.
  • Place value on the multi-sport athlete. Participation on high school athletic teams is supported and encouraged.

Contact Iowa Prep

Iowa Prep Basketball
113 Crescent Ave
Decorah, IA 52101

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The Iowa Prep Mission

As a division of TNT5 Basketball Development, the mission of all Iowa Prep Club Teams is to assist boys and girls with their overall basketball development through team play.

Why Choose Iowa Prep?

  • Coaches with an educational and developmental approach.
  • Player exposure is important, but an athlete’s development trumps all.
  • No mass try-outs. Players are selected through a unique selection process developed by the Iowa Prep Staff.
  • Classroom sessions (8th through 17U) teaching subjects as process, next play mentality and the college recruitment process.
  • Two TNT5 Basketball Development Personal Skill Training sessions for each athlete. Visit www.tnt5basketball.com to learn more.
  • Two team skills training sessions conducted by a member of the TNT5 Clinician. Visit www.tnt5basketball.com to learn more.
  • Post season player evaluations.
  • Player recommendations to coaches at colleges and universities (17U only).
  • Game film from tournament games available to parents and athletes (17U only).
  • Photographs – team and personal action shots.
  • Website, Twitter, and Facebook Updates.

what people are saying

TNT5 has been an outstanding opportunity for my kids. My daughter and son have been able to improve their skills in a comfortable small group setting. They have become better post players, shooters, and ball handlers. Tim has a passion to assist young people improve their skills. TNT5 is well worth the time and money.

Trish Hartman Parent, Decorah, IA

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