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Recruiting Resources

Recruiting Resources


College Organizations:

College Organizations PDF

Recruiting Definitions:

NCAA|Recruiting Website 

NCAA Eligibility Center (D1, D2 Only):

NCAA|Eligibility Center Website

NCAA Recruiting Calendar- Division I Men:

NCAA|Recruiting Calendar|Division I Men PDF

NCAA Recruiting Calendar- Division I Women:

NCAA|Recruiting Calendar|Division I Women PDF

NCAA Recruiting Calendar- Division II Men:

NCAA|Recruiting Calendar|Division II Men PDF

NCAA Recruiting Calendar- Division II Women:

NCAA|Recruiting Calendar|Division II Women PDF

The Recruiting Process


General Recruiting Process PDF

Evaluate Your Athletic Skills PDF

Recruiting Myths (coming soon)
Academics (coming soon)
Marketing Yourself (coming soon)
Social Networking (coming soon)
Six Things to Remember (coming soon)
Making a Highlight Video (coming soon)
Making a Close Connection (coming soon)
Player Perspective (coming soon)
Phone Recruiting (coming soon)
Campus Visits (coming soon)

Recruiting Templates:

Recruiting Letter (coming soon)
Telephone Questions (coming soon)

Frequently Asked Questions:

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Coach Schuring worked me out when I was back in the states during the off-season. The intensity and focus he brought to each challenging work-out helped provide an upbeat motivation after a grueling season of professional basketball.

Greg Bruner European Pro Basketball Player, Former Iowa Hawkeye

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