TNT5 Basketball Development will maximize your skills!  Our mission is to assist athletes in optimizing their true basketball potential regardless of their age, gender, or level of play. Using time tested instructional techniques and teaching methods, the program emphasizes skill efficiency, practicality, and sustainability during every personal, group and team training session. TNT5 is a satellite program that comes to your home town and facility for all training sessions.  EXPAND YOUR GAME!

In 2014, TNT5 Basketball Development launched The Iowa Prep off-season teams targeting boys and girls passionate about preparing themselves for their next level of play.  During its inaugural year,  TNT5 powered Iowa Prep teams in six divisions, traveled to five mid-western states, and assisted sixty six young basketball athletes better their skill sets and knowledge of the game.     

In 2015, TNT5 will power Iowa Prep teams in the following boys and girls divisions.   

                Boys                               Girls
                6th Grade                        5th Grade
                7th Grade                        6th Grade               
                8th Grade                        7th Grade
                15u                                  8th Grade
                16u                                  15u
                17u                                  17u

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