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It’s A Family Thing.

TNT5 Features

TNT5  Skill Training Features

Diverse Eligibility. Boys and girls grades 3-12 may skill train with TNT5.

Training Where You Are. Whether you are a beginner or all-stater, we design your training with your needs in mind.

Convenience. The TNT5 staff comes to your hometown for each training session.

Flexibility. You pick the training times that best fit your busy schedule.

Competitive Fee Structure. Our fees are designed to give everyone the opportunity to train.

The TNT5 Mission

The mission of TNT5 Basketball Development is to provide high quality, efficient, affordable and convenient basketball training for youth players and coaches.

TNT5 Player Competencies

The prepared TNT5 Athlete will:

Be Efficient. Understand the importance of executing all skills in an efficient manner. Be explosive without wasted movement.

Use Proper Foot Work. Realizes the importance of proper foot placement and movement when shooting, passing, ball handling, and rebounding. Success begins with the feet.

Handle The Ball With A Purpose.  Use effective dribbling techniques in the open floor and while closely guarded. Tight handles provides offensive freedom.

Shoot With Confidence. Display proper mechanics while shooting at the free throw line, from the catch, and off the dribble. Also realizes the importance of a shooters mental approach to his/her success.

Pass With Accuracy. Execute a variety of passing techniques while distributing the basketball to teammates. Pass the player open and stick it in the window.

Rebound Aggressively. Understand the importance of rebound technique and mentality on the offensive and defensive ends of the floor.

Create Own Scoring Opportunities. Use individual moves to create his/her own finishing opportunities at the rim, in the post, or on the perimeter.

Make Weak Hand Stronger. Display “side balance” with the pass, finish and dribble.

TNT5 History

TNT5 Basketball Development is a family owned and operated organization founded in 2009 by longtime college basketball coach Tim Schuring and his family. TNT5 is committed to providing quality, efficient, convenient and affordable basketball training for youth players and coaches using several different formats. Although our corporate offices and home facility are in Decorah, IA, our organization is largely mobile with approximately 97% of our clients outside of its hometown.

The demand for our product has grown significantly in the past ten years. During year one, while serving as an Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach at Luther College, Coach Schuring provided personal and group sessions for 154 clients (271 training sessions) from 8 school districts across Iowa, SE Minnesota and SW Wisconsin.  One year later, two more clinicians were added to the TNT5 staff to serve an increase in demand.  In addition, skills camps and team training were added as TNT5 offerings in an effort to meet the growing demand for its product.  The organization soon gained the reputation as the best skill development organization in

TNT5 Basketball Development also powers Iowa Prep off-season teams (2014), special programs such as “Sunday’s In the Fall” (2015),  Youth Coach Development Seminars (2016) and the TNT5 Youth Tournament Series.   Along with 5 clinicians, TNT5 contracts an assistant director, tournament director, and 24 team coaches.  We currently serve more than 700 clients from 41 school districts and will conduct more than 1000 hours of training by year’s end.

The TNT5 Name

The TNT5 organization is built on the premise that family values are a cornerstone of life, Our name represents what is in our hearts. Tim (T) and (N) Tracie (T) family of five (5).

TNT5 Director Tim Schuring

The Schurings: Tim, Tracie, Drake, Taylor, and Maggie

what people are saying

The TNT5 staff has been doing personal work-outs with all four of my children for the past four years. The results have been amazing! The skill and work ethic that have been developed has given each one of my kids a greater degree of confidence on and off the court. For parents who want to help their children maximize their potential, on and off the court, there is no doubt that TNT5 is a great program. This is the best way I have found. My kids and I look forward to continuing the program far into the future. Thanks Coach!

Jon Nicolaisen Parent, New Hampton, IA

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